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Wrestling Shoes

Shop for the latest new Adidas & Asics wrestling shoes for men and boys, youth or adults. You're sure to find a color to match your team. No one knows wrestling equipment and gear better than us. After all, we have been selling wrestling shoes since 1982, and have been online since 1995! We sell the two brands that are known for their reliability and heritage.

Wrestling Headgear

Wrestling headgear should be worn to protect the ears and prevent injuries to the head, face and chin. Most wrestlers will readily tell you that headgear is one of their most important pieces of protection. Sometimes referred to as simply earguards, they should be worn during practice as well as during competitive matches. Headgears are adjustable to fit properly. They should fit snug but not too tight. WePlay Sports sells a variety of headgear from manufacturers Cliff Keen and Asics that are very well known by seasoned wrestlers to excel in wrestling equipment. Most are constructed soft molded foam inside with a harder outer shell. Head Gear is sold in two sizes - adult and youth. Kids under age 10 should probably choose a youth size.bly choose a youth size.

Cliff Keen Wrestling Head Gear

There's no denying that Cliff Keen Wrestling Headgear is the most popular ear guards on the mat. We stock a variety of styles and colors, including custom color models not found in big box stores.

Wrestling Knee Pads

We offer a variety of different types of knee pads to accommodate every wrestler...from the five year old, 40 lb. future Olympian to the heavy-weight, 240 lb wrecking machine. Note: most knee pads are packaged individually.

Wrestling Singlets

Mens, Womens and Youth Wrestling Singlets at Sale Prices. Solid color Red, Black, Green Blue, USA theme and state theme singlets

Wrestling Socks

Just as wrestlers are fickle about their shoes, so too are they with the socks that go in them. That's why we offer a variety of sock models such as "no shows" to the traditional crew styles.

Wrestling Accessories

Wrestling Accessories - Cleansers, Mouth Guards, etc.