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Shock Doctor Max AirFlow 2.0 Lip & Mouth Guard allows players to flash their brilliance and shine above all from one End Zone to the other. The Air Flow breathing channel allows 10% more air compared tp the previous version. The updated design and platform relax the jaw and prevent teeth from blocking the breathing channel, adding more flow capacity. The flexible, proprietary Shock Doctor polymers and integral bite pads ensure max comfort and easy, no mold fit.
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    • Black / White
    • White / Black
    • Red / White
    • Royal Blue / White
    • Orange / Translucent

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    • Quick release tether ‐ use with or without a strap.
    • Max Airflow breathing channel for 10% more air flow capacity.
    • Can be worn with braces.
    • Ready to go ‐ no fitting necessary.
    • Low profile integral bite pads offer comfort.
    • Latex Free, BPA Free, Phthalate Free.
    • Meets national and high school (NFHSA) regulations.
    • Available in array of colors. One size fits most adults ages 12 ∑.
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