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Football Pants

Shop for a great deal on Football pants. Padded integrated football pants with 7 pads built in. Completely eliminates the stress and hassle of inserting hip, tailbone and thigh pads. Weplay Sports stocks football pants for kids and adults in many colors in prices to fit your wallet. If you need extra padding we also have traditional football pants that allow you to insert your own pads that are sold separately. Generally speaking, for maximum protection pads that you insert yourself offer better protection.  

Football Girdles

Football Girdles - with or without pads from Under Armour, Champro Sports, and Alleson Athletic

Football Gloves

Stocking an array of NOCAE approved Receiver, Lineman and Winter Football Gloves that meet NFHS / NCAA / SFIA Requirements.

Rib / Back Pads

Blocking Vests, Rib Pads, Back Pads, Compression Padded Shirts, etc.

Football Arm Pads

Forearm Pads, Arm Sleeves, etc.

Football Pads

Football Pads - Thigh Guards, Knee Pads, etc.

Football Cleats

Our selection of football cleats focuses on shoes that protect you from the number one area of bodily football injury – the ankle. We feature the top brand of football cleats for comfort and injury prevention –Under Armour. Whatever your position, quarterback lineman, or receiver our selection of mens youth, boys cleats is sure to please. When available we offer wide width cleats as well as regular

Football Socks

Football Socks are an inexpensive way to spruce up any football uniform. Sometimes we are asked what kind of socks are best for football? Most players prefer a longer sock that protects and keeps their calves warm, stays up, and has durability. This reduces the probability of having muscle cramps. Due to better blood circulation in your legs, your comfort and movement are improved, which of course boosts your performance on the playing field. Shop from a variety of sizes, colors, and brands. Featuring Under Armour, TCK, Twin City, and Champro socks in adult and youth sizes.

Football Jerseys

Football Jerseys

Mouth Guards

Football Mouth Guards ‐ with or without straps, adult and youth sizes, braces or no braces.

Football Supporters & Cup

Often overlooked, yet a necessary piece of equipment for football and most other contact sports.

Football Thermal Cold Weather Gear

Football Thermal Wear & Gear ‐ Hand Warmers, Under Armour, Tights, etc.

Football Gear Bags

Personal Equipment Bags suitable for football

Football Accessories

Football Accessories - Wrist Coach, Eye Black, etc