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7″ Length. Features ASICS GEL padding at the patella (knee cap) to reduce impact shock.
Price: $15.99
You Save: $6.01 (27.3%)
    • Black
    • Red
    • Royal Blue


    • 7″ length sleeve. Compression fit.
    • Neoprene construction and flatlock design adds lateral stability while protecting impacts around the knee. Features KinetoFoam™ - an open cell padding that helps dissipate heat. By working in conjunction with the EVA padding, the sleeve also protects the wrestler, thus being able to move freely. Mini mesh panel at the back of the knee allows for greater flexibility and helps with moisture management.
    • Small ASICS® logo applied at the top. Packaged individually. (One sleeve per package). Available in 3 color models. Sizes S ‐ XL.
    • Contains Latex. Do not wear if allergic to rubber, and do not wear over open wounds or sores.
    Size Weight
    Small 12 ‐ 12 ½″
    Medium 13 ‐ 15″
    Large 15 ‐ 17″
    X‐Large 17 ‐ 18″
    Bend leg slightly. Measure the circumference of the leg at the center of the knee cap.
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