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Precisely engineered to maximize contact zone feedback while also combining durability and portability. The T3 is designed and built with the elite player in mind and is packed with industry leading features. It is a staple in many Major League cages and is used by premiere players at every level.
Price: $99.95
Retail: $120.00
You Save: $20.05 (16.7%)
    • Transform: The telescopic design allows the ball height to be quickly adjusted (range of 23″ to 43″), enabling the hitter to practice their mechanics on swing-paths throughout the strike zone.
    • Technique: The helically wrapped neoprene cone is designed to minimize resistance during contact, giving hitters optimal feedback on every swing. The unique shape and construction of our cone promotes both minimum resistance and maximum durability.
    • Travel: The patented quick release system gives the hitter the ability to set up and disassemble the T3 in a matter of seconds. With a quick turn of the securing T-handle, the stem and base can easily be separated, making the T3 extremely portable.
    • Aluminum stem with high-density polyethylene base. Suitable for players of all ages from pee wees to adults. 1 year, limited warranty.
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