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  • Recommended Positions: QB, WR & CB. Features a permanently attached back plate. The Smaller arch cut to reduce the materials that gets in the way, and allows those skilled players maximum range of motion and versatility.
  • High impact, closed cell EVA foam is at the center of the XV Flex™ protection system. Ventilated with 5mm vapor holes, the EVA foam provides protection, but also helps circulate air around the body for better ventilation. EVA sheet foam forms the core of protection. Covered on the outside by a breathable fabric for maximum air flow, the EVA foam is a ballistic breathable foam that features 5mm vent holes to maximize air circulation. The foam is pliable to wrap around the contours of the torso. Unique Energy Black Transfer System does exactly what it implies - when a player is hit, the vented Energy Blocks take the force of impact and disperses it over a wider area. Much less force from the hit is actually felt by the player.
  • Raised corrugations in the arch maximizes strength & durability while the 5mm vent holes provides more air flow. Aero‐Dry™ spacer fabric is light and durable while providing moisture management properties. The body cushion can be removed, washed, and air dried so you can keep a clean pad throughout the season. 2 point belt and harness system. Stainless steel hardware components won't rust.
  • Recommended Play Level: High School. Color: Gray | Black. Adult Sizes S ‐ XL.
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    Size Chest Shoulder
    Small 34 ‐ 36″ 16 ‐ 17″
    Medium 38 ‐ 40″ 17 ‐ 18″
    Large 42 ‐ 44″ 18 ‐ 19″
    X‐Large 46 ‐ 48″ 19 ‐ 20″
    XX‐Large 48 ‐ 50″ 20 ‐ 21″
    XXX‐Large 50 ‐ 52″ 21 ‐ 22″
    XXXX‐Large 54 ‐ 56″ 22 ‐ 23″
    XXXXX‐Large 58 ‐ 60″ 23 ‐ 24″
    For fitting, measure across the back from where you can feel the shoulder bone on one side to where the bone ends on the opposite side. Football Shoulder Pads should be fitted by a qualified equipment manager before initial use.
    Suggested size scale is based on average girth.
    Size selection may vary depending upon stature and fitting preference.
    As a result, we can not guarantee fit based solely on the size scale.
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