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Wilson Solution NCAA Official Game Basketball

Since 2003, every dribble, layup, dime and dunk in the Final Four Championship season has been made with a Wilson basketball. A favorite of top college programs - including The University of Kansas, The University of Notre Dame, Temple University, and Oklahoma State University. From coast to coast, more than 30 state high school associations choose to play Wilson.

Wilson Solution NCAA Official Game Basketball
  • Size: 29.5″. Official Championship game basketball of the NCAA. NFHS approved.
  • Technology advanced, composite leather cover absorbs moisture and provides a breakthrough grip. Revolutionary Aqua-Grip Composite Laid-In channel design enhances gripability and feel, while maintaining a traditional appearance. Cushion Core Technology combines low density sponge rubber with ultra-durable butyl rubber, producing a basketball with an exceptional soft feel. Rotationally wound with 3,000 meters of high performance 3 ply nylon thread, producing superior shape retention and consistent rebound. Thermal molded with 100% high performance butyl rubber bladder with an Air Tite butyl rubber valve for superior air retention. The channels have been recessed to a deeper level to enhance hand alignment and ball control.
  • For indoor use only. Basketball may require some inflating before initial use. Do not use on common playground courts.

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