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Shoe Goo by Penguin Products.
Shoe Goo
° Shoe Goo is a clear adhesive and sealant that easily and permanently repairs all types of footwear. Apply it directly from the tube to worn out areas, allowing it to harden overnight. Shoo Goo adheres to all kinds of materials, so use it to mend rubber soles, tears in canvas or leather tops or to stop shoelaces from fraying. It dries to a waterproof, flexible rubber, so it will repair waders and boots without breaking or cracking under stress.
° Commonly used to cover pitching toes on baseball or softball cleats, mend worn outsole areas especially on running & skateboarding shoes, and repairing loosening outsoles.
° Made in the U.S.A. Contents: 110ML, 3.7 oz.
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Shoe Goo
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Note: Follow directions carefully. Dries overnight, but a 24 to 48 hour drying period will yield the best result. Shoe Goo may may damage finished surfaces if nor dried thoroughly. Always apply Shoe Goo on a clean surface. Includes an unconditional guarantee. Questions??? Please call 1.800.745.5586 or e-mail us.

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